What is a stokvel?

A stokvel is when 2 or more people decide to collect money together towards a common purpose.

There are different types of stokvels:

Savings Stokvels
Money is saved in a common bank account and left to gain interest. It is then withdrawn at a certain time and is split equally amongst the members.
Investment Stokvels
Money is used to invest in certain assets like shares, property, bonds and so on. The money is left to gain interest and is then split equally.
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Funeral Stokvels
Similar to life insurance, a set amount of money is paid out from the stokvel's account to a member when they or their benefiary passes on.
Loan Stokvels
Money is collected and loaned to members or sub-members at a set interest rate. Typically the borrower uses the money for a business where they too earn profits.
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Party Stokvels
From weddings to baby showers, braais and adventurous trips these stokvels collect money until a set date where they use it to pay for all the needs of the party.
Grocery Stokvels
Typically these stokvels use their money on a quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis. They go to local supermarkets and buy groceries in bulk then share it equally.
NB: There are many types of stokvels and not all are listed above. A stokvel can be created for any reason that the members have agreed on.

Our Mission

We believe that technology can help us realize our full potential by making saving and investing as a collective safe and easy.

That is why we created a solution that modernizes stokvels to make life easier for people that want to save and invest more, but who don't always understand mainstream investment and its jargon.

There is power in coming together and combining our capabilities, we reach our goals much faster and at bigger scales. This has been true for stokvels for many centuries, however fraud and lack of transparency has caused a dark cloud to hang over how stokvels are seen and operate.

Join us and invite your friends, family and colleagues as we change the thinking around saving and investing and bring stokvels into the future.

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